AKASHA Moderating Open Design Challenge: Week #3

Welcome to DAY 5 of our open design challenge → This week we’ll go from SKETCH to DECIDE. This week’s asynchronous activity is all about sketching our doodles into a final concept (or concepts).

Instructions :point_down:

On an A4 sheet of paper - create 3-4 frames. Each frame should include a view of what an Etherean sees during the process. Each frame is a new step. Guide us! Focus on what is new and interesting (ugly drawings are okay!)

You may add 1-3 concepts on separate sheets. Please add side notes. Words are important as your concept must be self-explanatory because you will NOT be able to give us a sales pitch later. :pencil2:

Give your creation a catchy title! All submissions are anonymous - please do not include your name.

Take a photo of your contributions and submit them (remember to add your concept pages as well).

Thank you! :mage:

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