AKASHA Moderating Open Design Challenge: Week #1

AKASHA Moderation Open Design Challenge: Week #1 | Archive

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On Tuesday March 8th we gathered for our first session of the AKASHA Moderating Open Design Challenge.

We came together as “Ethereans” to begin openly explore the following challenge:

[How to] Create a moderating system that combines the technical and social code necessary for decentralized social communities to thrive .

Presentations by @Martin and @sheldrake (slides) that summarized our key research findings and insights from presenters during the #akasha-conversations were followed by a 45min co-working session on a Miro board.

You are welcome to join this effort anytime and we also welcome your asynchronous contributions.


Hey there! A friendly reminder to please vote on the Miro board for those who participated in the first call.


So many pertinent “how might we …” ideas, and only five :heart: to vote with!!

Still, I guess this is just the first such process of many to come. We’re here for the journey :motorway:


In our second session on improving the moderating experience on Ethereum World @maria.sanmartin started the session inviting us to review specific user journeys of the current Ethereum World Moderating experience. Loom videos and @Martin 's presentation of the Moderator’s backend helped understand the current implementation. Participants then mapped they own “happy path” of a specific interaction either from the Etherean or the Moderator perspective. This exercise revealed the elegance and simplicity of the current approach, but also revealed its deficiencies. Among features missing were a clear messaging system notifying moderators as well as Ethereans with moderated posts to learn about moderating actions and engage in an constructive exchange. We also identified that simply flagging might not be enough, a more deliberative approach to moderating should be implemented.

In the final part of session 2 we distributed the most voted “How might we?” cards from session 1 between the different mapped journeys. this helped us highlighting the areas of improvement.

We are looking forward to session #3, slated for March 15th. We will then use the Map & Targets identified to begin sketching improvements for the AKASHA Moderating app.