AKASHA Moderating Open Design Challenge: Week #4

Week 4 was all about voting and deciding about which ideas to go forward with in the initial version and to prioritize testing. @Martin as part of the product design’s teams leads on the moderation app played the role of a “super voter” and hence we settled to work on “Nurturing feedback loops”, “Onboarding of moderators” as well as “The good and the bad” as topics that will go ahead into sketching and testing. These 3 ideas reflect our desire for the next iteration of the moderating app to allow as many Ethereans to be part of the moderating process, allow participants of Ethereum World to have a way making amendments to the Code of Conduct and improve the experience and learning for moderators and Ethereans alike through improving the means to communicate in the moderating process with each other. It does not mean the other ideas aren’t considered at all. We will either add them to other improvements of Ethereum World or address them in forthcoming design sprints.

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