AKASHA Moderating Open Design Challenge: Week #2

In the second week of the AKASHA Foundation’s Moderating Open Design Challenge we created a map of interactions of the current AKASHA moderation app on akasha.ethereum.world. This process was quite insightful for the team and participants alike. We identified several interactions of the alpha version that were incomplete. For instance a moderated “delisted” post would show up in the log, but without any further information making it impossible to refer to the post in case of an appeal to the decision. The messaging system between moderators and Etherean’s whose post was flagged and subsequently delisted also seemed to be not ideal yet.

Participants of the life session then mapped the “How might we’s?” to the flows and we voted on which one should be prioritized in the next evolution of the moderating app.

Certainly we still have too much taken onto our plate for even this first design sprint. Week three will help us compare the desired outcomes with what got “stuck” during the drawing excercises, and certainly new ideas will crop up as well.

Gradually we will merge into a deliverable next version of the moderating app.

Feel free to check out the board here: Miro | Online Whiteboard for Visual Collaboration

Anyone can comment. If you wish editing rights, feel free to reach out to us!

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If you are interested to watch the sessions and how we came to our conclusions working together, feel free to check the recordings out here: https://www.notion.so/akasha-foundation/The-AKASHA-Moderating-Open-Design-Challenge-15cb49cf57e740be92534958828ca210?p=6c31ae40b3a142e790d7f1f4749724ff

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