Welcome Message

Welcome to the AKASHA Foundation’s Discourse forum :raised_hands:t4:

We develop systems for freedom of mind and human connection. Together.

AKASHA is an open source framework developed to build dapps, design social processes and enable decentralized social networking. AKASHA empowers developers to create brand new social experiences, and facilitates the integration and interoperability of dapps.

The AKASHA Foundation’s Discourse is a forum for everyone that wants to help create the technical and social codes needed for decentralized social networking to flourish. This task can’t be done behind closed doors or in corporate settings. Neither can it be done by just a small “elite” group. We need a plurality of minds and ideas to work this out!

What can you do on this forum?

  • Discuss decentralized social networking development and governance
  • Form working groups
  • Share prototypes, code and ask for feedback

:star2:New on the AKASHA Discourse forum?

:wave:t5:Say hi! We invite you to introduce yourself in the Introductions thread. What brings you here? What are your interests in the topic?

:scroll: Code of Conduct

Please note that the AKASHA Foundation has adopted the Contributor Covenant. Please make yourself familiar with it here: https://www.contributor-covenant.org/

:+1: Behaviors that are encouraged

  • Acting in a way that promotes the community long-term
  • Attempting collaboration before conflict
  • Assuming others are acting in good faith and responding in good faith
  • Using English on the main discussion group
  • Refraining from discussing crypto prices and trading (there are specialized groups for that :wink:)
  • Flagging admins when things look like they’re moving away from the above.

:-1: Behaviors that are unacceptable

  • Demeaning, discriminatory, or harassing behavior will not be tolerated
  • NSFW and offensive content is prohibited
  • Spamming, shilling coins, or promoting over-the-counter trading deals are not welcome.

:warning: Be alert

Please note that admins will never ask you for sensitive information or to send digital assets to a specific wallet. Furthermore, please be aware that there is no token sale planned.