Moderating Design Principles by AKASHA

Hey there! I’d like to share here the Moderating Design Priciples for a moderating app build for AKASHA. This is based on an article by @sheldrake

We propose the following design principles based on this article from our blog.

Goal 1: Freedom

We celebrate freedom of speech and freedom of attention, equally.

Goal 2: Inclusivity

Moderating actions must be available to all. Period.

Goal 3: Robustness

Moderating actions by different members may accrue different weights in different contexts solely to negate manipulation / gaming and help sustain network health. In simple terms, ‘old hands’ may be more fluent in moderating actions than newbies, and we also want to amplify humans and diminish nefarious bots in this regard.

Goal 4: Simplicity

Moderating processes should be simple, non-universal (excepting actions required for legal compliance), and distributed.

Goal 5: Complexity

The members and moderating processes involved should produce requisite complexity.

Goal 6: Levelling up

We want to encourage productive levelling up and work against toxic levelling down, for network health in the pursuit of collective intelligence.

Goal 7: Responsibility

Moderating processes should help convey that with rights (e.g. freedom from the crèches of centralized social networks) come responsibilities.

Goal 8: Decentralized

Moderating processes should be straightforward to architect in web 2 initially, and not obviously impossible in the web 3 stack in the longer-term. If we get it right, a visualisation of appropriate network analysis should produce something like the image in the centre here:

Moderating consequences — gotta get us some dynamic polycentricity

You also find it as a notion page here:

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Looking forward to hear your feedback and thoughts on this :thinking: