Implementing analytics on Ethereum World, an open discussion on the rationale and your choices


  • We all want to improve the UI/UX of Ethereum World, this requires us to learn how you use Ethereum World
  • You decide whether or not you wish to contribute to analytics
  • You can change your mind at any time
  • Your experience of Ethereum World is not impacted either way

Who is Ethereum World?

In this article we write about “us”, but who is that actually?

It is you and me and everyone else in Ethereum World.


Ethereum World is a decentralized social network created and sustained by the AKASHA Foundation. Ethereum World is dedicated to all Ethereans. It is a public good. It is a world in which we all come together, accelerate Ethereum adoption, and build a new home of mind.

Why is Ethereum World planning to use Matomo analytics?

We set out with the promise to make interacting with Ethereum-based (d)apps a truly delightful experience. To make this promise come true we are working tirelessly to improve the UI/UX of interacting with the decentralized web.

We want to help all Ethereans progress in this valuable space.

We ask: What is the most used feature at the moment? Where are the pain points? Where do you get stuck? And where are the misunderstandings?

When will this be implemented?

We plan to implement Matomo analytics in the coming release (~ April 2022).

Privacy — with whom will my data be shared?

Matomo is an open-source web analytics platform that gives you complete control over what happens to your data, in contrast to Google Analytics for example.

The data won’t be shared with anyone else outside of the AKASHA Foundation and there will be no external parties examining your data.

I do not like analytics, is there a way to opt-out?

Analytics will always be opt-in. It’s an opportunity to contribute to our collective intelligence, but it remains your decision at all times. We all have the opportunity to opt-in or back out at any time via our Privacy section of the Settings page. Opt-out has no consequences on the usability of Ethereum World.


What data do we intend to collect?

Only with your explicit consent (meaning you have to actively say YES to it), Matomo will collect the following data:

  • Sign-up flow events
  • The usage of some main components (feed, trending topics…)
  • Navigation information
  • Restricted referrer data (type of referrer, no referrer URL)
  • Anonymized IP address (first 2 bytes)
  • Pseudonyms instead of User IDs
  • Location (country, region, city)
  • Date and time (including local time zone)
  • Browser and OS information

We will maintain an up-to-date list on our Privacy Policy page.

What data will we never collect?

  • We never have access to any private keys
  • We do not collect balance information of Ethereum addresses
  • We do not collect IP addresses (these are always recorded in an anonymized way)

Thank you :pray: We’d appreciate your feedback and invite you to discuss the topic with us

The AKASHA Foundation cares deeply about privacy. We want to make the Web a better and safer place for everyone. We invite you to share your feedback with us about this topic below.